Rotonui Insignia-0

The insignia of Rotonui. The central Toki stands for strength, while the two pikorua symbolise eternity.

Rotonui (Stone Lake) is one of the six cities, located in the north-east of Motunui. It is characterized by its proud military traditions, adherence to ancient Tangata culture, and the production of the pounamu used in prized weapons, jewelry, and Kaihoko currency.

Rotonui, unlike the other five of the six cities, makes no distinction between state and territory; all peoples living within the territory of Rotonui at least nominally owe their allegiance to Rotonui's Rangatira, although enforcement of this can be patchy, and some small settlements fall beneath notice.

History Edit

Before the Empire Edit

The city of Rotonui did not exist prior to the annexation of Motunui by the Empire of Yalan, but the area that would become the territory of Rotonui was inhabited by multiple Iwi of Tangata, Rotonui being the largest and most dominant. It should be noted that at this time, Rotonui did not form a coherent, singular group; it was made up of independent Hapu, which possessed varying relationships with one another.

Under the Empire of Yalan Edit

The Iwi of Rotonui united in the face of the Empire's annexation of Motunui, in an effort to stand against the Empire and their armies. Early attempts by the Empire to conquer Motunui's northeast territories failed spectacularly - the armies of Rotonui were masters of the guerrilla warfare that the Empire was still adapting to, and they were united on a scale unmatched by any of Motunui's tribals. Supply lines were decimated