Crossroad Insignia

The insignia of Crossroad, a depiction of the three rivers.

Crossroad, as its name implies, straddles the point where the three largest rivers of Motunui meet. It is a hub of trading and civilization, a hulking urbane beast that is twice the size of the second largest city in Motunui, Whangatawhito.

The city is famed for its extensive waterways both natural and artificial, and its enormous markets, which swell with merchants and customers from all over the world.


Prehistory Edit

Crossroad, like all of the six cities, was founded in the third year of the interim, sometimes referred to as 0pt. Just like the other cities, however, it existed prior to the signing of the pa tiriti. The name Crossroad has been used by the Shar to refer to the city since they spread across Motunui. The Tangata name for the city, Ngakau o te Whenua, has been in use for at least a thousand years, and was the city's official name until it was conquered by the Empire of Yalan.

However, the city has existed since long before either of these names were used. It is thought that the area that is now Crossroad was where Motunui's earliest settlement was built; if this is true, it would make Crossroad the ancestral home of all Tangata.

Before the Empire Edit

Crossroad existed in a similar form to its current one prior to the assimilation of Motunui into the empire; it was a trading hub, a natural meeting point for travelers from settlements all across the three rivers.

Notably, a long standing bar on trade with Rotonui had culminated in full scale war by the time of the empire's arrival.

Under the Empire of Yalan Edit

Chancellor Rikard, the first ruler of Motunui under the empire, placed the nation's capitol in Crossroad, chosen for its central location, high population, and the ease with which officials could travel to or from the city. Naturally, this made Crossroad the center of government during the time of colonial Motunui. Much of the resources that the empire invested into, and extracted from, Motunui flowed through Crossroad, be it Timberfel's lumber bound for Rivermouth's shipyards, Haggard Rook's iron bound for the armies fighting in Milrae, Whangatawhito's imports of Koth spiced wine bound for Yalan, or any number of other such essentials and luxuries.

This also made Crossroad a tempting resource for the corrupt among the empire's government.